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Sat | 05:38AM

Getting Around in Latvia

By Air

Air Baltic flies from Riga to Liepaja International Airport in the summer (May-September). It costs LVL18.60 from Riga to Liepaja and LVL10 from Liepaja to Riga. There are several small airports across Latvia, two in Riga – Spilves Airport and Rumbulas Airport.

By Rail

Latvia’s reasonably well-developed rail network includes routes from Riga to all other major towns in the country. The railway terminal is at Stacijas laukums. For information about trains, contact LDZ (

Gulbene and Aluksne is connected by narrow gauge railway. There are several tourist spots along the route.

By Road

There are reasonable connections to all parts of the country from Riga. Traffic drives on the right. Seat belts must be worn. Speed limits on highways are 90 kph (56 mph) and 50 kph (32 mph) in cities. It is compulsory to drive with headlights on 24 hours a day all year round. The consumption of alcohol by drivers is strictly forbidden, as is the use of mobile telephones while driving.


Buses are a better form of transport than trains in Latvia. There are a vast network of bus connections around Latvia. Buy a bus ticket at the bus station or on bus when boarding. If you have luggage ask the bus driver to put it in the trunk. It depends on the bus company if they will charge extra. There are express bus connections to major towns, which can save time considerably.

On Fridays and Saturdays buses could be crowded in the outbound direction from Riga. The Central Bus Station is at Pragas iela 1.

Car Rental

Available through hotels and directly from car hire companies, reservations are recommended. Drivers can also be hired.

Documentation: European nationals should be in possession of an EU pink format licence, otherwise an International Driving Permit is required. The minimum age for drivers to rent a car is 21 years.

Urban Transportation

Public transport in Riga runs from 5:30 am to midnight. Taxis in Riga are cheap, but prices are rising. All taxis are now privately run and all have meters. There is a 50% surcharge at night. All parts of the city can also be reached by bus, tram and trolleybus. Tickets should be bought on board from the conductor and retained for inspection. Share-taxis (taksobussi) also operate but are slightly more expensive than ordinary buses. Fines for fare dodging are common.